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Irka Web Directory
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Message to General Users:

Welcome to Irka Web Directory, we are glad you've came that far to visit us! So what's the goal here why building that resource?

Nowadays internet is full of web directories that focus on revenue more than quality, we do not work the same way, we are here to list web sites with interest so you find what you need more easily. As a general directory you will mostly find just anything like Video Games, Search Engines, other Web Directories, some Tips for Travelling, good Real Estate Agencies, serious informations about the Society and Social Sciences and more such as Arts, Blogs, and web sites from the whole World!

We are both Cops and Editors:

We do not list sites containing Violent and Racist content, we are also careful about the sex web sites we do list in the directory. When you enter a zone with subjective content, there will be a message in that category stating what kind of web sites are actually listed. But in general we are not responsible for any problems encountered on that directory because we do not have power over all the web sites listed. We are just a gateway and not the actual owners of the web sites listed.

We Love Babies:

We try our best not to shock kids, teens or babies that surf the web. In general most of the sites listed in all the general categories are harmless!
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