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    General Rules for Featured Links

  • Capitalize every first letters of each words in your title.
  • Make sure your description is correct, there should be at least one sentence and not just a whole bunch of keywords.
  • Featured links gets more privileges than regular links or even reciprocal links: Top-level submissions are allowed, keywords spam are allowed at a reasonable rate, you will appear above any other free links.
  • Sites not allowed: Gambling, Spam of all kind, Child Porn - Retarded Sex Sites - Racism etc..., Sites with no content or just a few, Crack & Warez.
  • Payments of Featured links are on a yearly basis.
  • Inside pages of your site aside your homepage, are accepted.

    General Rules for Regular Links

  • Take time to browse the directory and find the best category that fits your site.
  • Top level submissions (Business & Economy, Arts, Social Science, Sport, World etc...) are not allowed and are insta-deleted, to be able to submit to those categories, submit your site as a featured link (see above).
  • The title of your website should contain a few keywords (1 or 2) with the name of your Company or Domain Name. Capitalize every first letter of each words in your title.
  • Site description must be written in english, it must starts with a Capital and ends with a period. A description should target a few keywords from the same family and not a whole range of keywords. Descriptions that repeats keywords too much are not Accepted.
  • Sites not allowed: Gambling, Spam of all kind, Child Porn - Retarded Sex Sites - Racism etc..., Sites with no content or just a few, Crack & Warez.
  • Use you real name and real email address when submitting (Even if you are just a submitter and not the real owner).
  • Repeated submissions of the same site leads to a permament ban of both site and submitter.
  • Sites under construction, that requires passwords or that redirects to other sites are instantly deleted.
  • Sites with copyrighted content from other web sites are instantly deleted.
  • Inside pages of your site are not allowed. They are only allowed if those sub pages are: blog, forum or directory.

    Submissions Guideline for World & United States Categories

  • Before submitting to the category of your country or state you will have to suggest a city, state or region inside of that country category so we can add your web site with more relevancy. To do so, use the ' Suggest Category ' button at the top of the banner. During your suggestion, use the description field to let us know what web site you want to add in that category.
  • Description in spanish, english and french are allowed. Other languages are not (use an english description if you come from Sweden or Viet Nam, but not one in your original language).
  • Submissions to a top level country (e.g: France, UK, USA, Barbados, Lesotho...) are insta-deleted. Suggest a category (read above).

    Submissions Guideline for Web Directories and Webmaster Related Sites

  • We do not follow up the evolution of each directories we receive, but we do take time to know whether it is a: SEO Friendly, Paid, Free or Reciprocal and more. Web directories wrongly submitted, even if your have a decent page rank, will be insta deleted.
  • Do not submit to the category premium, we will pick up sites and add them on our own.
  • Do not submit your webmaster services site to the category Search Engine Optimization before browsing the other categories or it'll be insta-deleted.
  • Webmasters are supposed to make less mistakes than general users? It's wrong it's completely the opposite, we figured that out in the past months, there are no favorism at IWD.
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